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Hi everyone and welcome to my wedding stuff website. Wedding has been my passion since I was 22 years old and over the years I have handled and met more than 1,000 couple up to today and counting still. Most of those couple has unique and personal wedding stuff that I recommend to fit in their wedding theme.

Being wedding planner open my horizon for various type of client and specific details of wedding staff that fit in the wedding style. With this professional and some advice from best friend of mine, I decide to give back to many of wedding couple who plan to arrange wedding with their own

Over the years I’ve planned, I want to offer some insight, wedding planner things to do, and tips to help your planning smooth and less stress before your special day.


At beginning I start my dream job as assistant for local wedding planner, doing almost all the job from early stage client inquiry until execute wedding on the day and relationship afterward. It’s been a while until a potential client and partner in coming years request for destination wedding.

Start from Europe to Asia and finally I am falling in love with a beauty and mystical island of Gods, Bali.

I was blessed that Bali wedding industry growth are tremendous and become one of favorite destination wedding.

Most of the client especially with destination wedding has many difficulties to find a good quality wedding stuff.

On behalf of client I used to jump in to each wedding shop in town or asking vendor partner to make specific wedding stuff.

Let’s Make A Plan B Plan and C Plan

Internet and market place gradually change the way to find a perfect wedding stuff for each client and most of the time give a great deal and special offer.

But somehow still too complicated for wedding couple mix and match wedding stuff into their own theme.

I will guide for my personal experience with the best and affordable wedding stuff to fit in couple dream wedding.

As a wedding planner, I always said to couple that there is A Plan, back up plan with B plan and back for both plan with C plan. Above those all, you can make a 120% wedding plan but 80% successes are high achievement.

Once again, I decide to give back to many of wedding couple who plan to arrange wedding with their own. Hope that this would beneficial for your wedding plan.

To your most precious wedding day,


Founder of Wedding Stuff

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