DIY Budget Wedding Ideas -Things To Do

Many times this type of question are pop up from my best friend or colleagues. They know that I’m a wedding planner and looking for insight on their special day. I may wrap it up with a single question, how arrange DIY budget wedding?

I can simply start with maximum budget and put on priority item that most probably DIY stuff. But since I don’t know what your most concern, I’ll share most common DIY Budget wedding Ideas.

What to expect and how minimize budget

Let’s be honest that 90% decision are made by bride. It means let start with bride wedding dream and how minimize and working on budget. Average cost host wedding ceremony around USD 20,000-30,000, if you have less budget than that, you don’t have to worry. A lot of couples did success with budget less than that. Also, for average that 30% goes to venue, 30% for catering, and to rest budget from gown, decoration, photo and video, invitation, wedding singer, MC, and make up artist.

By knowing that wedding venue and catering are top 2 cost for wedding budget, there will be a plenty option for both item.

Wedding venue

Rather than book hotel ballroom or function room for your ceremony and reception, I would suggest finding alternative with public garden or your own backyard house. Or maybe If you know that some relative or best friend have a plenty good space back yard to host to wedding.


Most important is decided your guests list. You have to make short as possible guests list. I have couple experience that couple hesitate to decrease guests number since they felt bad if they’re not invite them even though they’re not that close enough. How to arrange intimate wedding if you have many ‘halo’ guests, where you not that into know them. The result your cost with raise base on your guests number increase.

Or else, screening your guest list or potential list that restaurant owner or chef. You may ask them personally to ‘sponsor’ on wedding day and pay for to food material. The other alternative are utilized best man to help coordinate some friend or neighbor to prepare grill food and cook with your own.

Somehow you may think that it’s too much but all those above will be to parameter of your wedding cost in general.

The Other Stuff Also Matter

After reviewing wedding venue and catering as biggest cost in total for wedding ceremony and reception, to other potential cost are flower decoration.

Flower decoration

The essence for wedding somehow blur with beauty of design, a lot of flowers and details every corner. I do recommend reusing. It means every wedding decorator has wedding schedule, asking for decorator that having event right a day before your wedding. It means they will have plenty of stock flower that still in good condition for next day. If you found one, you may bargain at least half of to price has been charged.

Or other alternative, base on your guest list or potential list who are florist and you may ask her/him to design your wedding event. Your cost will be base on flower cost only.

Maximize Your Friend or Relative

There’s still a lot things to do, where you can encourage friend or relative to help arrange your wedding day.

  1. Sound system for both ceremony and reception, instead of rent, if some of your friend have sound system as simple one would be enough. Where to sound system can play music and speech if needed.
  2. Wedding Singer, Band, or DJ for dinner reception, you may ask your friend and relative to find a good quality with huge discount and as change you may help them with your expertise. Such as you’re website builder that you may make them a good website, or you may find out where you best at to exchange for band support. Or with power of social media, you may ask DJ favorite to play on wedding day by tweet them to came without fee. Some DJ challenge by retweet it with certain number and let twitter do to magic. Its happen couple time I saw in social media.
  3. Make a wedding invitation along with name card or menu card with your own and help from your friend or relative
  4. Make Up artist are essential for bride and need have a real connection with her. It would be best if she knew very well and better if there will be free of charge. But if the case that make up artist can’t negotiate, better to keep with a good quality one rather than only for budget.

  5. Photographer and camera person are essential for your event. It would be better if you can utilize your guests list or potential list without additional charge. Or else, asking your family or friend connection to professional photographer or camera person definitely with discount rate for your event.
  6. You may buy the wedding gown from sale item or rent but for this one you have to choose that suit you best. Same as make up, that bride need to stunning over budget. Rent used wedding gown are my best recommendation.

  7. Tuxedo are more flexible, you may use your existing one or rent along other best man and grooms man.
  8. Most of the couple wear wedding ring for entire life. But it does not have to expensive one. You may buy couple ring which is less expensive and upgrade wedding ring on your 10th wedding anniversary.
  9. Most important thing wedding planner, you have to ask best man, groom man, bridesmaid to be involved and really involve from planning until on wedding day to help you coordinate with catering, make up artist, church, photographer, video person, wedding band or DJ, decorator, and other vendor need to coordinate and monitor on wedding day.

There’s no such thing name Impossible

Reviewing all of those above vendors and some budget that might decrease, I would highly look at most important for each couple need to highlight. Some say that photographer need to be excellent one. It means that you have to hire true professional with higher fee. But I believe event to professional with higher fee, you can talk and asking base on your budget. If they can’t accept that job, ask for her or his photographer recommendation who can work on your budget.

The method also working for other vendors that you think would be essential for your wedding. You may ask to professional one and ask them opportunity work with in your budget and if it isn’t possible, maybe they have a good recommendation which is with in your budget.

Remember for Margin of Safety

As I mention earlier in other post that every single event or wedding or else in life, you have to make budget and also buffer. Definitely that budget will easily achieve especially if we’re talking about wedding. As an insurance buffer should be considered as maximum 50% from budget.

Last minute additional or unpredictable condition need extra money and if you don’t plan it in advance, it would be too late until event and problem coming.

Enjoy your wedding planning process and don’t let negativity around you.

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