Island Wedding Destinations – All The Things To Do


There are increase of couple who planning their wedding in island wedding destination in couple years back. This mean that a unique place and intimate guests are going popular. The other reason to have island wedding also time for family and couple hanging out and have a holiday altogether as a group.

This island wedding destinations are completely different with host wedding ceremony at your home town or establish hotel at your town. Some remote island has a logistic problem but some other island equipped with advance wedding industry such as Okinawa, Hawaii, Maldives, or Bali.

Let me walk through with many factors may happen once your decide to host wedding in the island.

Picture perfectisland-wedding-theme

How to decide your wed venue and other wedding stuff while you are never been to island wedding destinations? That is the most question if you want to arrange own wedding in the island. Some decide to hire Wedding Planner or asking friend or relative who life in the island to sort it out. But if you don’t have both resources, you don’t have to be worry.

Typical island wedding vendors are more organize since they know that 100% of client are overseas or doesn’t come from the island itself. It means they will provide all-inclusive package or else provide recommendation partner who already work with them.

Read carefully for each review or testimony from previous couple, you may random check to contact through Instagram or Facebook from previous couple who host their wedding in that venue or use same service that you plan to book. Remember that you don’t have time travel to island and inspect and meet in person with all you vendors. Make sure that you research and triple check for wedding arrangement in details.

Know The People, Learn The Culture

When you plan for island wedding destinations, you have to make sure that still monitor the progress through internet and social media. You may do coordinate with wedding venue and other vendors through Skype call or Whats app. You may schedule monthly update and final meeting include all the vendors closer to the date over the Skype conference or multi video conference.

Feel connected are the key, not only with the event that you are planning but also with people and culture on that island. It’s important to understand local wisdom of the island and be part of it. Like I’m experience with client who insist to have load music on wedding day but unfortunately there are tradition on that client wedding day where you have to pray and there’s no load music allowed. Since it’s way during early stage planning, they can adjust to other that where they are allowed to have load music.

You have to understand certain rules on that island from early stage of planning rather than many surprise closer to the date.

Hold on and Be adventurouscake-topper

Even you have prepared all the stuff in order, doing multiple skype call, and series of reading reviews from previous couple. You have to bear on you mind that less you expectation for you wed day. It doesn’t mean that you plan for failure but you prepared for the worst condition to make you still relax and enjoy you moment.

What you expectation from picture, somehow it won’t deliver. It doesn’t mean that they trick you, but you should be understood that logistic to the remote island most of the time also problem. Different case if you plan to book wedding in mature wedding industry island like Bali. The resources are many so in that case you’re not decide you vendors correctly or they tried to trick you.

Minimize probability that you will be scam with vendors, I highly recommend booking vendors through you wedding venue partner or recommendation. In that way, you will let wedding venue take part on you potential risk. The urgency to use partner or wedding venue recommendation simply because they always have legitimate permit and also physically present. It will difference case with vendor such as wedding planner, lighting, catering, or else that they can play around with their office address or office phone number.

Identify Scam That Possibly Happen

I may say couple times in my entire life met with that case. Where few weeks prior event client couldn’t reach wedding vendors or wedding planner. That kind of scam are happen if your ignorance from the beginning of process. There’s always sign that vendors or wedding planner tend to scam you. Here’s some insight:

  • They don’t have official permit either local permit or organization permit.
  • Sometimes offer lower price rather than other vendors or competitor
  • Promise a lot of benefits that are not part of their services (such as decoration without any business relation with food stall vendor, promise to give you free some food stall or wedding organizer where promise to give hotel accommodation in ridiculous price if you book their package)
  • Try to get full payment up front with main reason to order material and so on

When it comes to you, naturally you have to review again you vendors. Doing multiple research and also the most important thing are not pay full amount until you meet them in person.

Make sure that you will arrive at the island a week or couple days before you event since you have to make sure all you vendors are in same page. Dedicate 1 day after you are arrived to have a final meeting with all the vendors and there’s no excuse that one or two of them can’t attend. All of related vendors need to presence and know what they will doing on the day.

If you feel good during meeting with all the vendors, you may settle final payment afterward.

What Should I Do If Vendors broke promise

This will be tough time for every couple if you vendors charge you and run away before you wedding day. Things first thing are prepared for Plan B. As my other post regarding plan B, you have to make sure that plan B are applicable for any unpredictable situation happen.

First thing first, you have to make an official report to local police and after that you have to make a report to local wedding communication or organization. For last minutes wedding, organization used to help you with plan B since most of them are vendor.

You have also try to put all together puzzle that still on you hand and put all together with you own.

It’s still have a time if you are prepared to come to island couple days or better a week prior you wedding day. Anticipate uncertain condition that may happen on you wedding day.


Less Your Expectation, Enjoy The Rest

It’s great experience to host you most memorable moment at the island wedding destination, especially if you host at remote island. You can still prepare without any help of wedding planner if you follow my above suggestion. There will be a roller coaster journey with up and down situation especially if you get scam. But that type of scam are decrease due to internet and social media.

You don’t have to worried too much for you island wedding dream if you’re sure 100% with all the vendors that you hire. But as always said to many couples that I’ve dealing with. Less you expectation, Enjoy The Rest, and You’ll Get a Lifetime memorable moment to host wedding in the island.


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