Wedding Venue Ideas – Look Around and Make It Happen


We used to host wedding ceremony at church couple decade ago. Time passed and how people think for wedding are change. Garden Wedding, Beach Wedding, Lawn Wedding, Cliff Top Wedding, Cruise Wedding, and many more unique wedding venue ideas nowadays.

Among those wedding planner check list, the one of priority is wedding venue. It will be unnecessary to talk about decoration, entertainment, photographer, or run down of the day without definite wedding venue.

Some venue which is design specially for wedding event are most ideal for every wedding planner but a lot more venues that has to draw from the scratch. Remember that typical of venue which you have provided with your own are bitten tricky. There’s couple more check list and things to do especially if you wish to arrange without a wedding planner.

Let me walk through in search of your dream wedding venue. First part, I will push you to find a specific idea of your wedding venue with some insight. Second part, the other important consideration to decide your ideal venue. Then, you need as chemistry and connection instantly for your dream venues, and last part is never chosen emotionally and better conservative.

Be specific and take a risk

At the beginning, you will googling, open all social media, attend wedding expo, asking friend and colleague to find your ideal wedding venue. Googling and social media is a lower conversion compare to friend recommendation or visit either at booth during wedding expo or visit venue itself.

Here is lists for your note before doing your wedding venue research :

– How many guests that venue can fit in ideally?

– Do they have proper back up venue for unpredictable condition?

– How long duration to utilize venue?

– Is there any package? All in package or rental venue?

– Do they have electrical back up source?

– Do they have reliable vendor partner and trusted service?

– What are their concern from previous couple?

Those type of question will be slightly different either indoor or outdoor venues that you plan to consider. Some client that met me, get lost for venue details information if they have too many venue list. In that case, I do recommend having short list venue with maximum 5 venues to taking serious look in deep.

You may have many criteria above that lead you to specific and basic need of your venues, It has to within your budget. Eliminate wedding venues that way over budget. You don’t have to spend a lot of your saving to pleased your ego. Please do research before set up your budget and make sure that there’s no hidden cost or fee from agreed price.

Remember! You are invite guests

Once you shorted list up to 5 wedding venues, you have to choose carefully and consider majority of guests obstacle. Some guests with wheel chair need a special treatment. Other guests with baby need some room for nursery during party. Some elder guests need time to walk if venues that have a lot of stairs.

Understand that your special day and you can choose whatever venues that you love with. But guests especially intimate wedding are top priority. Some guests traveling a long distance to celebrate your happiness. Threat them well and as much as comfortable as possible.

In terms of wedding venues, pick the one that have the solutions for most of your guests obstacle.

First Love at The First Sign

It was hard if I deal with client who subjectively love some venues that pretty but fewer facilities and lead to over budget to make the venue worth it. Couple times, I have to convince them to change wedding venue due to unrealistic budget to make over it. Remember that you plan for 1 day of your life and don’t spend too much for unreasonable venue.

Some venue with history of your love are the best place to celebrate. But explore more with ready use facilities are also considerable. Nothing wrong with drawn your perfect wedding venue from scratch. I will make dedicate post for that type of wedding venue.

Be conservative

We are arrived to the last stage of your perfect match wedding venue. After multiple research both online and meeting in person with owner or sales representative of wedding venue. Series of review and get the feedback from family or friends. You will be ready to decide which wedding venues that meet mostly criteria that we are taking at first place before.

Consider plus and minus for top 5 wedding venue base on listed note above, you have to make a conservative decision. Its mean that most of your guests will feel comfort and ready to party worried free.

Also remind you again that budget always be the highlight, never negotiate for first item to purchase. It means once you negotiate budget for venues, you will negotiate as well budget for other wedding stuff.

Take Your Time And Enjoy The Process

Priority when you decide to married are to find perfect fit wedding venue. Listen as many as suggestion especially from wedding planner who write online or friend that used to host their own wedding at same venue. Filter the information and limit the number of venues that you will research in deep.

Among the big 3 venues that you’re comfortable with, make sure that you have a good communication with venue owner or representative sales. The good communication from wedding venue are point plus, key to make a different in terms of price negotiation afterward. Flexibility for each venue also different, to make a smooth discussion need venues that more flexible than other.

Overall you have to note that choose a wedding venue are only one time, choose wisely and carefully. There is legitimate cancellation policy apply if you decide to change wedding venue after deposit received. You have to review cancellation policy on wedding venue agreement before sign it. Once again, you have much time to research, review, and make a decision for your only venue for entire planning process afterward. Take your time and relax.

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